The Birthday Marketing Club
For Restaurants

Attract new customers. Increase revenue. Fill more seats at slow times.
Get daily visibility and exposure.
Birthday Club Marketing Features:
1. Your most profitable customers see your ad
2. They sign up to receive your special offer
3. Our system sends them SMS and email reminders
4. We drive these happy guests into your local business every day!
Would you like to consistently increase foot traffic, sales, and customer frequency?
We understand the top challenges that restaurant owners face:

Generating a consistent flow of new customers.

Increasing customer

Increasing brand awareness, visibility and exposure.

Increasing revenue to your business
Here's How We Help Restaurants
Grow Revenues and Profits
Step 1: Visibility and Exposure
Your most profitable customers see your messages in their Facebook news feeds. We’re able to reach the perfect customers who are most likely to spend money with you.
Step 2: Build a Customer Database
New customers sign up to receive a special offer. We collect their contact information so you can continue to reach and communicate with your best customers long term. Your advertising dollars work more effectively.
Step 3: Automated Followup
Our proprietary system sends your new customers both text and email reminders to bring them into your restaurant.
Step 4: Results
More happy new customers come into your restaurant on a consistent basis!
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